HaitiSeychelles beaches Anse source D'argent occupies one-third of the island of Hispanola. The Dominican Republic takes up the rest of the island. The country of Haiti was the first democratic black republic; it was also the first country to abolish slavery.
During the 1950’s until the mid 1980’s, Haiti was a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. The most recent years has brought tourism to an almost stand still in the country. Severe political unrest in the nation has put Haiti in the far distance for tourists, where tour-packages are no longer sold and often ignored by vacation guides.

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Haiti is not a typical caribbean tourist destination. It is a land of overwhelming extemes and grinding poverty, distressing beauty and individual warmth by its people. Traveling the country can be a challenge in itself, often very little goes as planned. What Haiti has to offer is precisely the unexpected. Any visitor is unlikely to forget this land of mass colors and rhythms.

Up into the early 1990’s several airlines had flights to Port au Prince (PAP); however, at the present time there are only a few that still service the country. American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Air France all have flights to Port au Prince from the United States. Air Canada operates one flight per week based on the season. At one time, Air Canada had up to four flights per week. There are also international flights to the city of Cap-Haitien (CAP), which is in northern Haiti. Lynx Air flies to Cap-Haitien from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There is also an airline that flies from the Turks and Caicos Islands to Cap-Haitien.
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